Stam Goody is the consummate artist. He writes – raps & sings, creates the stories for his own music videos, and gives a sublime performance. Behind his stoic presence is a purposeful work ethic, and the moral clarity of a superhero. It’s as if, in an alternate universe Bruce Wayne chose the mic as opposed to a cape. The reticent Camden, New Jersey - born artist describes himself as a vessel translating the struggles of the inner-city youth into art that acknowledges the extenuating circumstances without glorifying it. That contextualizes without coddling, and inspires without patronizing. Stam Goody’s art in many ways is a reflection of the moments that punctuate his life, which his aptly named debut EP Defining Moments methodically lays out.

From growing up in the Stockton Apartments in East Camden, Stam would be exposed to drugs, gangs, and violence at a young age. Eventually bouncing around with his parents throughout his adolescence. It was then, during this transformative period in his life, where he would go from being homeless at fourteen years of age to becoming a star high school basketball player and college prospect. Though his passion for music, would eventually triumph. While Stam reflects on his struggles and the crucial role it plays, he deliberately chooses not to lead with it; choosing instead to be defined by his purpose. He is hell-bent on changing perceptions about the young kids who grew up in neighborhoods like he did. He employs quick-witted punch lines, a mastery of the double entendre and provocative visuals to weave a narrative that invites his audience regardless of their background, to walk in his shoes - if only for the duration of the project. While offering an alternative path for those who live it, in hopes that his experience is a beacon of what it means to come from tough circumstances and make it out.

Profiled as a Discovered on Apple Music artist by Ebro Darden, Stam Goody announced his arrival with his critically acclaimed debut single “CLUTCH.” The pulsating track and it’s poignant visual, which won the 2018 LA Film Festival Audience Award for Best Music Video as well as previously selected a Vimeo Staff Pick the week of release, delivers a compelling performance worthy of the sports analogy its title invokes. With the video, whose treatment he co-wrote, Stam fearlessly explores some socially polemic themes like police brutality, the backlash against athletes who dare to protest, and the role of big businesses and brands in the conversation. With his debut EP Defining Moments, which followed the “CLUTCH” single, Stam breathes new life into a genre at the crossroads of consciousness and trap. The EP poetically chronicles the critical junctures and decisions that punctuate his life, and offers an insight into what drives him: a passionate desire to spark positive change in communities like the one he grew up in and leave a legacy that outlasts him. With cutting lyrics, captivating visuals and a clarity of consciousness, he is able to deliver a range of artistry that gets ball players and change makers alike - game ready.
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